Monday, August 4

Best Europa stamp of the year 2008


As most of this year's Europa stamps are issued, PostEurop is again organizing an on-line vote to select the "Best Europa" stamp of the year 2008.

Two persons picked out from those that have selected the winning stamp will be granted special prizes – a full set of the 2008 Europa stamp issues!

The winning stamp will be announced on 13 November during PostEurop’s Extraordinary Plenary Assembly that will be held in Brussels, Belgium.

A few comments about this competition:

  1. Some countries are missing ! Andorra (French post) ; Ireland ; Bosnia and Herzegovina (Croat post) ; Azerbaijan ; Georgia ; Isle of Man ; the Netherlands ; Serbia. I really don't know why ? Kosovo and Gibraltar are also missing, but as they aren't member and even don't use the official Europa logo on their stamps, I can understand why they are not on this list.
  2. The voting is open since early May and some countries are only on this list since a few days ! Which isn't fair at all.
  3. PostEurop selected which stamps within a set would take part at this contest. The choice isn't the best each time.
  4. Some countries have two stamps taking part at this contest as the issue is composed of a "pair", for example Macedonia, the Ukraine or Finland. Greece which also issued a pair of stamps have only one stamp shown !
  5. Souvenir-sheets: Bosnia and Herzegovina & Spain have their full souvenir-sheet taking part at this contest, Hungary only one stamp out of it !
  6. One last comment, the size and quality of the stamps isn't the same for each country ! Bulgaria has a very low quality stamp as Cyprus have a tiny image of their stamp...
As last year, this blog will also organize it's own contest later this year ! ;o)


stamps said...

i like your blog,its nice and interesting. i have also my site about stamps it's very informative.

Peter said...

Hi, you have a great website about EUROPA stamps! I have started collecting EUROPA stamps more seriously this year. Since there are so many countries that issue EUROPA stamps, I would like to collect Western European EUROPA stamps. Can you tell me which countries EUROPA stamps are considered "Western Europe." I am wondering if this includes Greece,Malta,the Scandinavian countries and Turkey.
Also, I am looking for the San Marino 2003 EUROPA issue, I can swap for other stamps if you are interested. Thank you, my email is


Akir said...

cool site :-)

I have stamp site too.
Nové evropské známky (in Czech) - New European Stamps (from 2000 to now & CEPT (EUROPA), Coat of Arms, Zodiac, Flag and map)

Anonymous said...

this blog is very nice and comprehensive - i suggest you to build up the topics about the Europa stamps in wikipedia - can start by a general topic on Europa Stamps and then go into the details of each year by opening new pages - eg Europa Stamps 2008

euroswiss said...

I would love to write the Wikipedia articles about the Europa stamp topic but I haven't time for it ! I hardly find time to keep my blog updated... :o(

If you want, you may do it yourself. I allow you to take information from my blog if you want.

Anonymous said...

Hello! This is a VERY good site for EUROPA stamps. Thanks for taking the time to do a great job in promoting these stamps. Just to answer a couple of items on the post concerning missing stamps for voting on the site - The Croatian Post stamp would be found under Croatia and no longer under B & H, Isle of Man stamp is posted, Serbia as well. Ireland, French Andorra, and Azerbijan are still missing. Those postal operators have yet to supply us with pics.

Please contiue with the incredible job you are doing!! If you have direct questions for us, please feel free to head to our blog, and ask/leave anything you'd like!!


Anonymous said...

Hello, the blog says that there will be no Albania Europa issue this year; I just found a seller from Albania selling Albania Europa 2008 issue, is this possible? Please let me know your thoughts. Regards

euroswiss said...

As far as I know no 2008 Europa stamps issue is planned by Albania.

Do you have a picture of the 2008 issue your Albanian seller wants to sell you ?

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