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Issue n° 5 - 1960

"First CEPT issue"

Number of countries : 20
Debuting countries : Denmark - Spain - Finland - Great Britain - Greece - Ireland - Iceland - Liechtenstein - Norway - Portugal - Sweden
Returning countries : Turkey
Withdrawing countries : none
Common design : a Roman mail-coach wheel with 19 spokes, 1 for each 1960 member of CEPT - the wheel is also the letter O of the word Europa
Countries using their own design : Austria (Antique column) - Liechtenstein (honeycomb) - Great Britain added the queen's head on the right hand side of the common design
Designer : Pentti Rahikainen (Finland)

Note : Most of the stamps issued on 19th September - The Liechtenstein's stamp is very rare and has an high value - Denmark, Greece and Norway are the first countries to issue a single Europa stamp set using the common design


Grisnell said...

Hi from spain, the wheel of Portugal has 22 spokes. Someone knows the reason?

euroswiss said...

Well good question ! I didn't see it myself but you are right ! It must be a mistake... and I don't see any other answer...

Michel said...


Congratulations on a great blog!

I read in Carlos Kullberg's online Portugal stamp album that a swap of photographic plates caused the difference. It's unclear from the text whether it was a mistake or deliberate.

Call me picky, but GB always has the Queen's head on all stamps (instead of the country's name) and as such I don't feel it should be considered as a change to the Europa design.

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