Tuesday, September 29



Issue n° 6 - 1961

"Symbolic dove"

Number of countries : 16
Debuting countries : Cyprus - San Marino
Returning countries : none
Withdrawing countries : Austria - Denmark - Finland - Ireland - Norway - Sweden
Common design : a peace dove made of 19 little doves, 1 for each 1961 member of CEPT
Countries using their own design : Liechtenstein (Cogwheels) - Portugal (Four interwined hands) - San Marino (View of the Mount Titano) - Great Britain added the queen's head on the right hand side of the common design
Designer : Theo Kurpershoek (the Netherlands)

Note : First ever appearance of the CEPT logo, it has been used on the stamps of Great Britain, Portugal and Spain - Most of the stamps issued in September

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