Saturday, February 20



Issue n° 28 - 1983


Number of countries : 35
Debuting countries : none
Returning countries : none
Withdrawing countries : none

Note : Only two countries (Gibraltar, Iceland) used the four CEPT letters instead of the official logo. Most stamps issued in late April or around the 3rd May.

more here in the Europa stamps History - Part III

Eurovision Song Contest 1983
Munich (Germany)
Winner: Corinne Hermès "Si la vie est cadeau" (Luxembourg)

my personal favorite that year: Hoffmann & Hoffmann "Rücksicht" (Germany)


juan ramon said...

I guess there is a mistake in the note, because you repeat that Ireland used for the first time the official logo, as you did in the past year 1982.

euroswiss said...

@ Juran Roman - thanks for noticing my mistake (bloody copy-paste). I corrected it ! Thanks for the interest ! :o)

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