Thursday, February 3

folder poll


Some weeks ago I've posted a poll on this blog which closed yesterday.

The question was:

if PostEurop produce each year a folder as the Sepac and Norden stamps folders, will you buy it ?

here are the results :

  • YES 43%
  • NO 39%
  • I don't know 16%

43% of positive answers it's less than the half.

As 16% of of the answers are "I don't know", I guess many of you wait to see a product proposal of PostEurop before saying if yes they're going to buy it. In my opinion they want to produce a folder as the ones you can get with the Norden or Sepac issues (images can also be found on this blog) or the one produced by some countries for the International Polar Year stamps.

I will transmit these results to PostEurop and I'll keep you informed about their answer !

thanks to all who voted ! ;o)

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