Friday, February 4

Bogus stamps


New year, new Europa stamps but also new fake Europa stamps !

You can already buy on the internet non official Europa stamps from unrecognized countries as Abkhazia, South Ossetia or Transnistira.

In my opinion those labels are made by one single company and aren't even used in those republics. They are just made to mislead Europa stamps collectors

We can't even call those pieces of paper "stamps" as they are cinderellas or bogus stamps nothing more !

Be careful and don't spend your money unconsciously ! For example a imperforate stamps set of of South Ossetia is sold 40€ !! They aren't even worth the paper they are printed on !

Check on the internet or in official stamp catalogues (Michel for example) to know which stamps are official and which aren't or just ask !

This blog depicts only the Europa stamps you should collect ! ;o)


mcg said...

Dear friend: Above all my most sincere congratulations for this blog, which is very useful for me as I'm a enthusiastic collector of Europa stamps.
Talking about "cinderella" stamps: What do you think about th issues from Nogorno Karabakh? These stamps seem to be "official" but this country, entity or whatever is not unrecognized by any UN-member state, including Armenia...

euroswiss said...


thanks for the nice words about this blog.

I already wrote about Nagorno Karabakh on this blog and published both of their Europa issues 2008 & 2009

arserpent said...

These bogus Europa issues have been around since the year 2000; I don't understand why waste time in talking about them now or even list or put pictures of them on this blog.

Northern Cyprus (Turkey) is a very desirable and highly collectable non-official Europa issue that has been around for many, many years and is included in Europa Albums; but it is never listed here and hardly talked about. So it's dissapointing to be reading and looking at pictures of bogus issues with cheap paper that someone possibly printed in their home office printer.
Happy Collecting!

euroswiss said...

@ Vasco - I think you didn't understood the purpose of this message. It isn't promotion of them (you can guess it by reading what I wrote) but prevention. I heard enough stamp collectors who spent a lot of money for this labels.
Concerning Cyprus (Turkish post) or even Nagorno Karabakh it is untrue that those stamps are "never listed" on this blog. New Europa issues of those entities are always published as general information (links, etc.) just look for it !
Thanks for your interest in this blog :o)

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