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Issue n° 45 - 2000

"New millennium"

Number of countries : 55
Debuting countries : none
Returning countries : none
Withdrawing countries : none
Common design : tower of six stars build up by children on a green field with the letter E of Europe on it
Countries using their own design : Bulgaria (two stamps depicting Madonna's paintings), Croatia (one stamp (out of 2) representing a princess on a horse), Cyprus (Turkish post) (one stamp (out of 2) depicts a map of Europe and a flower made of the European stars and a map of Cyprus in the center, Gibraltar (4 stamps representing stars and children on  a green field), Guernsey (3 stamps (out of 4) depicts a rainbow, sails and a kite), Hungary (one stamp (out of 2) representing a woman with rainbowhair as a puzzle), Jersey (one stamp (out of 2) depicts a map of Europe and map of Jersey) , Monaco (one stamp (out of 2) representing a map of Europa, the PostEurop logo and the flags of the PostEurop members), Yugoslavia (two stamps depicting the number 2000 one with cosmonauts)
Designer : Jean-Paul Cousin (France)

Note : most stamps were issued on the 9th of May = Europe Day ! 

In order to celebrate the year 2000, it has been decided to use a common design again as it was the case before 1974.

more here in the Europa stamps History - Part V

Eurovision Song Contest 2000
Stockholm (Sweden)
Winner: Olsen Brothers "Fly on the Wings of Love" (Denmark)

my personal favorite that year: Brainstorm "My Star" (Latvia)

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