Sunday, September 4

San Marino 1974 - focus

San Marino

9th May 1974 - "Sculptures"
design: V. Nicastro & R. Di Giuseppe
printer: I.P.S. Roma

I decided to start a new type of messages to put a bit life in this blog when the Europa stamps season is a bit down.

I will focus on a stamp or set of the Europa stamps collection. This idea is inspired by the blog of Tomoko - well centred - I hope she won't mind !

The first set I chosed, is the 1974 issue of San Marino.

It's my favourite issue of that year. The beauty of the sculpture is very well given back by the quality of the engraving (two engravers for this set, one for each stamp !). It's also interesting to see that both stamps from this set are representing the same sculpture - a close up of the head and a full size image of the whole sculpture. One more thing I really like about this issue is the use of colored paper. It so much nicer than having a border around the stamp in my opinion. It emphasis the stamp on a cover especially a white one.

About the sculpture: it's a work of Emilio Greco, Italian sculptor born in Sicily almost hundred years ago. I think the work shown on both stamps is "Grande Pattinatrice n.2" (= great skater) of 1971. Surprisingly this sculpture can't be seen in San Marino but in Orvieto in Italy in the Emilio Greco Museum.


Eric said...

I think this is a very good idea to focus on one stamp as you did in this post. Thanks for the job you do on your blog!

euroswiss said...

@Eric: thanks a lot for your nice comment. I also enjoy a lot reading your blog !

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