Wednesday, August 29

The last 4 countries...


The 2012 Europa stamps year is reaching his end and we are already focusing on the 2013 season with the theme "The postman van".

But 4 countries still haven't issued their 2012 Europa stamps yet !


I've received a mail from the Albanian Post saying that their Europa stamps will be issued in August or September. As August is almost finished let's hope it will be issued next month. The Europa issue should be 2 stamps (30.- & 250.- ALL).

my guess : 75% chances to have an issue before the end of 2012


Each year Armenia is one of the last countries to issue their Europa stamps. In 2010, their stamp was issued in October and in 2011 in December ! On Haypost's website a souvenir-sheet with 1 stamp is scheduled for the 2nd quarter of the year [!!].

my guess : 85% chances to have an issue before the end of 2012


Georgia became a PostEurop member this year ! They even took part to the Best Europa stamp on line contest ! Two souvenir-sheets were expected as 2012 Europa stamps but still aren't issued. Georgia didn't issue any stamps in 2011 but had already 5 issues this year. Let's hope their Europa stamps will show off before the end of the year.

my guess : 20% chances to have an issue before the end of 2012


Montenegro first announced a 2012 Europa issue on the 20th of April this year, but then cancelled that issue. That issue has been rescheduled on the 10th of October

my guess : 95% chances to have an issue before the end of 2012


mcg said...

Dear Sir:

I have been informed by the Albanian post that their EUROPA issue consists in 2 stamps se-tenant with d.o.i. 21/09/2012. You can check the design here:

euroswiss said...

thanks for your comment. I've updated the issue date list. I wait for a better image of the stamps to publish it. On Ebay the images are covered by a signature.

AlbanianCorner said...

Albania 2012 Europa Cept Visit to ALBANIA has been issued and is available at this link:

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