Tuesday, August 5

Best Europa stamp 2014 competition


On the 9th of May - Europe Day - PostEurop launched this year's best Europa stamp competition !


you can vote until the 31st of August for the most beautiful Europa stamp 2014 !

The winning stamps (top 3) will be announced at the PostEurop Plenary Assembly to be held on 24 Septembre 2014 in San Marino.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing with us this news on voting for the most beautiful Europa stamp 2014. I shall be voting as well. I can’t wait to find out which top 3 will be chosen as the most beautiful Europa stamp for 2014.

If you have some free time, I would like to introduce to you one of my favorite stamp websites, StampWorld.com. I checked out their Catalogue and found all their Europa stamps. Simply go to Advanced Search, and type Europa in the Motive, and voila, enjoy!

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