Wednesday, January 2

Denmark 2019


Date of issue: 16th May 2019

one souvenir-sheet of two stamps (2x 30.- DKK)


Unknown said...

I am a topical collector. One category I collect is swans. The souvenir sheet posted, yet to be issued, is beautiful, as so many other stamps and souvenir sheets featuring swans are. I learned about swans while living in Illinois, where I had an opportunity to observe a pair of mute swans (cygnus olor) making their home in a nearby lake. Only now, as I build my collection, have I been able to appreciate more fully the significance of swans in our culture.

Right now I am very intrigued with the Nordic swans issues of 1956. I am seeking all the background information I can amass in order to exhibit them in some future American Philatelic Society meeting. I welcome all comments and suggestions. Thank you for the opportunity to express my interests and admiration for the subjects you have chosen.

J Groves
Mesa, AZ

Unknown said...

Such a shame they're so expensive! Way too much for the average collector.

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