Tuesday, November 4

Iceland 2009


Date of Issue: 7th May 2009

two stamps (105.- & 140.- ISK)

both stamps are issued in mini-sheets of 10 stamps.

both stamps are also issued in two booklets of 10 self-adhesive stamps each.


Miloje Chastven said...

Sometimes I have an feeling, that countries didn't know what it mean "philately like art" - this issue design, don't have anything with art, and miss lot of to attract collectors to obtain it.

best regardsa to all


euroswiss said...

Well it's always a question of "taste" :o)

in my opinion, Iceland is one of the countries producing the nicest stamps in Europe... but that's my personal taste ;o)

Anonymous said...

I find that Iceland have year after year the most beautiful stamps from all Europa-stamps. And also this year I like the stamps very much.

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