Wednesday, September 28

Kazakhstan 2022


Date of Issue: 28th September 2022

 2 stamps (2x 2000.- KZT)

both stamps are issued in a souvenir-sheet of 4 stamps (2 of each)

Bayterek and Samruk : Ancient Turkic myth a tree of life "Bayterek" and a sacred bird "Samruk". Bayterek in Kazakh means "High poplar tree", every year the Samruk, lays its egg (the Sun) in the crevice between the branches of the poplar tree.

Wednesday, September 14

Malta - Sepac 2022

Malta - Sepac

Date of Issue: 13th September 2022

one stamp (0.37 €) out of a set of four stamps (only this stamp is bearing the official Sepac logo).

this stamp is issued in a mini sheet of 10 stamps

Sepac 2022

Europe - Sepac
Sepac 2022
"Local beverages"

16.05.2022 Faroe Is. - 1 stamp (29.- DKK)
24.05.2022 Jersey - 1 stamp (0.91 GB) out of set of 6 stamps
Greenland - 1 stamp (20.- DKK)

07.06.2022 Liechtenstein - 1 stamp (1.80 CHF)
14.06.2022 Monaco - 1 stamp (1.65 €)
22.06.2022 Guernsey - 1 stamp (1.10 GBP) out of a set of 4 stamps

06.09.2022 Åland - 1 stamp (1.90 €)
13.09.2022 Luxembourg - 1 stamp (E50g value)
13.09.2022 Malta  - 1 stamp (0.37 €) out of a set of 4 stamps

no issue Gibraltar
no issue Isle of Man
no issue Vatican

Friday, September 9

Ireland 2022


Date of Issue: 8th September 2022

two stamps (N & W values = 1.25 & 2.20 €)

According to the Irish folklore tales, Balor caused great pain and anguish to the Tuatha Dé Dannan, the other supernatural race in Irish folklore.

The legend centres on Balor having an eye that, when unleashed, could cause instant death or poisoning.

Balor’s Poisoned Eye is the main focus of one stamp. The second stamp relates to the legend that claimed Balor had only to look on the landscape to cause damage, such as in the Poisoned Glen in County Donegal.

In both cases, contemporary colours are used to create the impression of poison almost leaping off the stamp. 

Wednesday, September 7

Isle of Man 2022

Isle of Man

Date of Issue: 12th September 2022

one stamp (1.04 GBP) out of a set of eight [!] stamps (only this stamp is bearing the official Europa logo)

this stamp is issued in a mini-sheet of 9 stamps

but this stamp is alos issued in a sheet of 9 stamps + 1 vignette (this sheet is also issued imperforated)

this stamps is also issued in a "mini-book" with 4 panes of 4 stamps (2x the Europa value)

David Bowie starring as Jareth the Goblin King in Jim Henson's film Labyrinth which ties into the wider 2022 PostEurop theme of Myths and Legends

Special 2022 Europa folder issued by 6 countries


6 countries - Austria - Germany - Liechtenstein - Luxembourg - the Netherlands and Switzerland - issued a common "Multilaterale" folder containing this year's Europa stamps from the six countries (10 stamps in total).

Sepac folder 2022

Europe - Sepac

"Local beverages 13", this special folder contains the 9 Sepac stamps issued in 2022.

This folder will be on sale by any of the Sepac countries philatelic offices !

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