Wednesday, November 30

Iceland 2012


Date of Issue: 3rd May 2012

two stamps 50g to Europe (165 ISK) & 50g outside Europe (220 ISK)

both stamps are issued in mini-sheets of 10 stamps.

both stamps are also issued in two booklets of 10 stamps each - NOTE the stamps from the booklet are self adhesive

Saturday, November 26

Åland 2012


Date of Issue: 9th May 2012

one stamps (Europa value)

Monday, November 21

Iceland - Norden 2012

Iceland - Norden

Date of Issue: 21th March 2012

1 stamp (250g. value inland) issued in one souvenir sheet

Wednesday, November 16

Åland - Norden 2012

Åland - Norden

Date of Issue: 21th March 2012

1 stamp (världen value) issued in one souvenir sheet

Monday, November 14

Finland 2012


Date of Issue: 7th May 2012

two stamps (2x 2nd class value) - NOTE both stamps are self-adhesive

both stamps are issued in a mini-sheet of 10 stamps (five of each)

Monday, November 7

Jersey 2012


Date of Issue: 10th January 2012

two stamps (0.49 & 0.59 GBP) out of a set of four stamps (only those two stamps are bearing the official Europa logo).

Both stamps are issued in mini-sheets of 10 stamps

Wednesday, November 2

Switzerland 1979 - focus


30th April 1979 - "Postal history"
design: Klaus Oberli
engraving: Max Müller
printer: Wertzeichendruckerei PTT - Bern
FDC (picture on Zasa-stamp blog)

The first Swiss stamp was issued in 1850, but before that stamps were issued in Switzerland by Cantons. Zurich was the first canton to issue post stamps in 1843 followed by Geneva. But the most famous Swiss stamp ever is the cantonal stamp issued by Basel in 1845: the "Basel Dove". This stamp was really modern for that time, was multi-colored and the dove was white embossed on a red field. Until today it is considered as "one of the most beautiful stamps ever produced" !

In the city of Basel where this stamp come from, the local post asked the architect Melchior Berri to design a mailboxes inspired by the Basel Dove stamp. One of the two 1979 Europa stamps issued by Switzerland is reproducing one of those famouse mailboxes. Today in Basel they are still six of those mailboxes remaining of 1845 and still in use ! Go to Basel and try to find them !

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