Thursday, October 26

Belgium 2006


Date of Issue: 17th November 2006

two stamps (2x 0.50 €) issued in one mini-sheet of 10 stamps (5 stamps of each).

Those two stamps will be issued during the World philatelic exhibition Belgica 2006, held in Brussels from the 16-20 November 2006.

Wednesday, October 25

Best Europa stamp 2006


Best Europa Stamp 2006

The Europa stamp best design competition is a yearly event that takes place during the Plenary Assembly of PostEurop. The first competition took place in 2002. All official Europa stamp issues can enter the competition. Only PostEurop Members can cast their vote.

Great Britain 2006

Great Britain

Date of Issue: 3rd October 2006

Only two stamps (1st & 0.50 GBP) out of this set of five stamps are bearing the official Europa logo.

Isle of Man 2006

Isle of Man

Date of Issue: 11th October 2006

Only two stamps (0.31 & 0.44 GBP) out of this set of six stamps are bearing the official Europa logo.

The two Europa stamps are issued in mini-sheets of 10 stamps. The 0.31 GBP value is also issued in a booklet of 10 self stick stamps!


Welcome on my Europa stamps blog! This blog replaces my old website You can still visit my old website for the images of the 2002-2005 (and some 2006) Europa stamps. From now on and especially from 2007 I will put the images and information about the new issues on this blog. I will also put links of the different European postal administrations as I did on my former website. Enjoy!
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