Tuesday, August 26

Europa stamps logo - R problems !


Eric on his blog "Blog timbré de ma philatélie", made a strange discovery concerning the Europa logo !

On some of this year's issues, the "R" of the word Europa seemed unusual ! And he was right !

The Europa logo on the Europa stamps of the Czech republic, Malta and Moldova is different than the official one ! The letter "R" has a left "leg" on those stamps but on the official logo this leg isn't designed !

I looked up in my album if the problem is new or not, and I was surprised to discover that Malta is using a wrong logo since 2002 ! The even won that year the contest of "Best Europa stamp" ! Moldova since 1995 (!) and this year is the first time the Czech republic is using the wrong logo.

I agree with Eric's question on his blog "Why does the PostEurop organization not require a European uniformity about this logo ?", How can it be possible that an official logo is depicted differently on some stamps ?

Again the interest in making profit with those Europa stamps issues induce a lack of quality and serious in some issues unfortunately.

Monday, August 25

Cyprus (Turkish post) 2008

Cyprus (Turkish post)

Date of Issue: 8th May 2008

two stamps (2x 0.80 YTL)

NOTE : the stamps issued by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus aren't recognized on an international level, not by the UPU nor by PostEurop.

But as most Europa stamps collectors collect those stamps anyway, I decided to publish them on my blog, from now on, even if they aren't official stamp issues.

Monday, August 4

Best Europa stamp of the year 2008


As most of this year's Europa stamps are issued, PostEurop is again organizing an on-line vote to select the "Best Europa" stamp of the year 2008.

Two persons picked out from those that have selected the winning stamp will be granted special prizes – a full set of the 2008 Europa stamp issues!

The winning stamp will be announced on 13 November during PostEurop’s Extraordinary Plenary Assembly that will be held in Brussels, Belgium.

A few comments about this competition:

  1. Some countries are missing ! Andorra (French post) ; Ireland ; Bosnia and Herzegovina (Croat post) ; Azerbaijan ; Georgia ; Isle of Man ; the Netherlands ; Serbia. I really don't know why ? Kosovo and Gibraltar are also missing, but as they aren't member and even don't use the official Europa logo on their stamps, I can understand why they are not on this list.
  2. The voting is open since early May and some countries are only on this list since a few days ! Which isn't fair at all.
  3. PostEurop selected which stamps within a set would take part at this contest. The choice isn't the best each time.
  4. Some countries have two stamps taking part at this contest as the issue is composed of a "pair", for example Macedonia, the Ukraine or Finland. Greece which also issued a pair of stamps have only one stamp shown !
  5. Souvenir-sheets: Bosnia and Herzegovina & Spain have their full souvenir-sheet taking part at this contest, Hungary only one stamp out of it !
  6. One last comment, the size and quality of the stamps isn't the same for each country ! Bulgaria has a very low quality stamp as Cyprus have a tiny image of their stamp...
As last year, this blog will also organize it's own contest later this year ! ;o)
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