Wednesday, December 29

Greenland 2011


Date of Issue: 17th January 2011

two stamps (9.- & 10.- DKK)

Both stamps are also issued in a booklet of 12 self-adhesive stamps (6x each stamp).

Both stamps are also issued in mini-sheets of 8 stamps + 1 vignette (those stamps are also issued in sheets of 50 stamps !)

Tuesday, December 28

Best Sepac stamp 2007 & 2009


The Sepac organized an on line voting in order to select the best Sepac stamp of the first two Sepac issues (2007 & 2009)

Here are the results of this voting :

  1. Faroe Islands 2009 - (334 votes)
  2. Iceland 2009 - (205 votes)
  3. Faroe Islands 2007 - (168 votes)
Total number of voters : 1896

Tuesday, December 21

Faroe Islands 2011

Faroe Islands

Date of Issue: 26th April 2011

two stamps (10.- & 12.- DKK)

Wednesday, December 15

Iceland - Sepac 2011

Iceland - Sepac

Date of Issue: 15th September 2011

one stamp (50 g. to Europe value) out of a pair (only the left stamp is bearing the offical Sepac logo).

the pair is issued in a mini-sheet of 10 stamps (5 of each)

first design of the set with another value

Friday, December 10

Iceland 2011


Date of Issue: 17th March 2011

two stamps 50g to Europe (165 ISK) & 50g outside Europe (220 ISK)

both stamps are issued in mini-sheets of 10 stamps.

both stamps are also issued in two booklets of 10 self-adhesive stamps each.

First version of the stamps published in early 2011.
Note that the values changed and are now placed on the top.
A recycle symbol replaced the sun logo on the second stamp.

Monday, December 6

New logo !


On the 2011 Europa stamps you'll see a new logo. A small square and black & white element, symbolic reminder of the mailbox, has been added in front of the word Europa.

logo used with the permission of PostEurop

As it is impossible to register a plain text-logo, a design element had to be added to the text "Europa". PostEurop will with this new logo be able to have a better control on missuse and on non official Europa stamps issues.

This new logo can already be seen on the 2010 Europa stamp issue of Switzerland. The Swiss post has the copyright rights on the Europa logo. In 2011 this logo will be featured on each official Europa stamp issue.

The present Europa logo is in use since 1993. That year PostEurop took over from the CEPT the Europa stamps issues.

Friday, December 3

4th europa stamps blog poll


4th europa stamps blog poll

Result of the Grand final !

the Faroe Islands are our winner ! With 28% of the votes they are the winner of this 4th europa stamps blog poll ! It was a very close race, the 10.- DKK stamp of the Faroe Islands won only by a few votes in front of the 0.82€ stamp of Ireland

look the standings here
  1. Faroe Is. (10.- DKK stamp
  2. Ireland (0.82 € stamp)
  3. Ukraine (3.30 UAH stamp)

Thanks to all who took part to the voting during those last weeks !!

Friday, November 19

Belgium 2011


Date of Issue: 19th September 2011

one souvenir-sheet of two stamps (2x Europe 3rd class value)

Friday, November 12

Åland 2011


Date of Issue: 9th May 2011

one stamps (Europa value)

Wednesday, November 3

Norway 2010


Date of issue: 15th November 2010

two stamps (innland A and Europa A values)

Thursday, October 28

Georgia 2009


Date of Issue: 15th October 2010 [!]

two stamps (2.- & 3.- GEL) & souvenir-sheet of two stamps (2.- & 3.- GEL)

both stamps are issued in mini sheets of 10 stamps

both stamps are issued in a booklet of 8 stamps (4 stamps of each)

Friday, October 15

Best Europa stamp 2010


As for the last 2 years, Hungary won again the Best Europa stamp contest organised by PostEurop. I don't have the number of votes for the Hungarian stamp but they won a close run with the stamp from Slovenia arriving 2nd and the stamp of Croatia arriving 3rd.

This on line voting seems very popular in Hungary as they won 3 times in a row !!

this 150.- HUF stamp is in fact part of a pair of stamps issued tête-bêche in a souvenir sheet of four stamps.

The Best Europa stamp design competition is a yearly event that takes place during the Plenary Assembly of PostEurop. The first competition took place in 2002. All official Europa stamp issues can enter the competition.

The result of this competition was announced during the Plenary Assembly in Vaduz, Liechtenstein on the 14th October.

The stamp has been selected via the internet ! All people could vote through PostEurop's website !

Here a link to the official PDF document published by PostEurop.

Here you can find the full list of winning stamps since the first contest in 2002 when Malta won.

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