Wednesday, July 24

Malta - Sepac 2019

Malta - Sepac

Date of Issue: 30th July 2019

one stamp (0.59 €) out of a set of four stamps (only this stamp is bearing the official Sepac logo).

this stamp is issued in a mini sheet of 10 stamps

Tuesday, July 23

Liechtenstein - Sepac 2019

Liechtenstein - Sepac

Date of Issue: 2nd September 2019

one stamp (1.50 CHF)

this stamp is issued in a mini-sheet of 10 stamps

Monday, July 22

Special 2019 Europa folder issued by 6 countries


After, the four first issues of this kind :  2013 (theme - "The postman van") ; 2016 (theme - "Ecology in Europe - Think Green" ; 2017 (theme - Castles) and 2018 (theme - Bridges)

6 countries - Austria - Germany - Liechtenstein - Luxembourg - the Netherlands and Switzerland - issued a common "Multilaterale" folder containing this year's Europa stamps from the six countries (10 stamps).

This folder can be ordered by any of the 6 postal administrations.

Sunday, July 7

Europa stamps video


The Exploring stamps YouTube channel dedicated an episode to the Europa stamps ! Watch it here and tell me in the comments what you think of it !!

Friday, July 5

Europa stamps themes 2019-2022


Common themes for the coming years

  • 2019 : National birds - read the press release of PostEurop - "National birds are native birds living on the territory of a country"

  • 2020 : Ancient postal routes - "postal services, meaning the exchange of items over longer distances, put in place in a country or between countries before they were replaced by postal services operated by Governments and offering universal service (example: Thurn and Taxis)."

  • 2021 : Endangered national wildlife

  • 2022 : Stories and Myths

Proposals for themes 2021-2022 : In November we announced that PostEurop members could send their proposals at latest by 31 December 2018. For the first time the choice of subjects was also open to all stamp collectors !
In June this year, the PostEurop Stamp & Philately working group have gone through the results of the voting collected from the PostEurop members. In total, 36 Members gave in their votes, totalling 210 points. The competition was very tight...

You can read the press release of PostEurop informing about the choice of the 2021 & 2022 common themes.

Wednesday, July 3

Guernsey - Sepac 2019

Guernsey - Sepac

Date of Issue: 24th July 2019

one stamp (0.80 GBP) issued in a souvenir-sheet of 3 stamps (only this stamp is bearing the official Sepac logo).

Greenland - Sepac 2019

Greenland - Sepac

Date of Issue: 21st June 2019

one stamp (17.- DKK)

this stamp is issued in a mini-sheet of 10 stamps

Monday, July 1

Cyprus (Turkish post) 2019

Cyprus (Turkish post)

Date of Issue: 20th June 2019

two stamps (2x 5.25 YTL)

both stamps are also issued in a mini-sheet of 8 stamps (4 stamps of each)

NOTE : the stamps issued by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus aren't recognized on an international level, not by the UPU nor by PostEurop.
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