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Greenland [Kalaallit Nunaat - Grønland]

Greenland [Kalaallit Nunaat - Grønland]

Capital: Nuuk (Godthåb)
Languages: Greenlandic
Population: 57,564
Currency: Danish krone - DKK
Internet code: .gl
Status: Parliamentary democracy within a constitutional monarchy

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Post Greenland

PostEurop member: yes via Denmark
UPU member: yes
Sepac member: yes
Norden member: yes

Europa stamps: since 1994->

Official site:

"Greenland as the Faroe Islands are an autonomous dependency of Denmark.

They have their own stamps since the eighties and their first Europa stamps since 1994 even if Greenland in a geographical point of view is part of the American continent.

The text on the stamps of Greeland is in Danish as in Greenlandic

In 2004 they won the best Europa stamp competition."

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