Tuesday, May 26

50 years CEPT 1959-2009

Ireland - special issue

Date of Issue: 15th May 2009

50 years ago the CEPT was established. During more than thirty years (1960-1992) they were responsible of the "Europa CEPT" stamps issues, the former name of the present Europa stamps.

Strange enough, only one country is celebrating this anniversary, although 19 countries were founding members so the CEPT fifty years ago.

Here is the Irish stamps commemorating the 50 years of the CEPT bearing the famous CEPT logo which was present on each Europa CEPT stamps !

A must for each Europa stamp hard core fan :o)

one stamp (0.82 €)


Svetoslav said...


Very nice blog, thanks for info. I'm a stamp collector from Norway and collect many topics and countries. Among them Europa-CEPT 2009. Wonder if the list of these postal administrations are all countries/areas issuing Europa-CEPT ? Or they are more?

Greetings from Norway: Svetoslav

euroswiss said...

yes they are

you can also a full list here : http://europa-stamps.blogspot.com/2011/01/europa-countries-list.html

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