Monday, May 4

France 2009


Date of Issue: 4th May 2009

one souvenir sheet (2x 0.70 €)


Jeevan Jyoti said...

Wondeful issue by France on Astronomy !

Carlos said...

Hi, ¿what do you know about Nagorno KARABAKH Europa stamps?


euroswiss said...

As you may know Nagorno-Karabakh is a non-recognized republic in the Causasus.

De facto they are not recognized by the UPU, thus their stamps aren't recognized so are theire Europa stamps.

On this blog I put only information concerning official stamp issues.

After long reflexion I decided to talk about the stamps issued by the Turkish post of Cyprus even if they aren't official either but are collected by most of the Europa stamps collectors.

It's a pity that PostEurop isn't able to control the Europa stamps issues and the use of their logo !

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