Monday, February 1



Issue n° 18 - 1973

"Post, telegraph & telephone"

Number of countries : 24
Debuting countries : none
Returning countries : Austria, Norway
Withdrawing countries : none
Common design : Post horn made of 3 arrows each one representing post, telegraph & telephone.
Countries using their own design : Andorra (Spanish post) (one stamp (out of 2) depicts a flower allegory made of 9 little men), Austria their stamp has it's own design representing the PTT, France (one stamp (out of 2) depicts the city hall of Brussels), Spain (one stamp (out of 2) depicts a Roman mosaic from Merida).
Designer : Leif Frimann Anisdahl (Norway)

Note : The CEPT logo is depicted on the French stamp with own design. Most stamps issued on the 30th April.

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