Thursday, February 4



Issue n° 20 - 1975


Number of countries : 23
Debuting countries : Cyprus (Turkish post)
Returning countries : none
Withdrawing countries : none

First Europa issue of the Turkish part of Cyprus. Due to the political situation on the island of Cyprus, the stamps issued by the Turkish part of the island aren't recognized on an international level. Even if those stamps bear the Europa logo, they are not official Europa stamps but most of the Europa stamps collectors collect them as they issue Europa stamps on a regular basis since 1975 !

Note : Again, many countries not using the logo but only the CEPT letters. Most stamps issued on the 28th April.

more here in the Europa stamps History - Part III

Eurovision Song Contest 1975
Stockholm (Sweden)
Winner: Teach-In "Ding-A-Dong" (The Netherlands)

my personal favorite that year: The Shadows "Let me be the one" (United Kingdom)


Unknown said...

You are a Eurovision Song Contest lover :D I'm too. I also love EUROPA Stamps :D.
My fav ESC song of All Times is Secret Garden Nocturne. I'm from Romania and my fav from Romania is Let Me Try :D

euroswiss said...

Yes it's funny to find another Eurovision-Europa stamps fan :o)

My fav of all times ? Well hard to say, they are so many ! But I love "Fra mols til skagen" Denmark '95. My Romanian fav' is "Dincolo de nori" first ever entry in '94 !

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