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Issue n° 37 - 1992

"500 years of the discovery of the Americas"

Number of countries : 42
Debuting countries : Albania, Croatia
Returning countries : none
Withdrawing countries : none

"Croatia is the first ex-Yugoslav republic to issue Europa stamps that year. They issued in fact twice the same set, one without the CEPT logo (as they weren't a CEPT member at that moment of the year) and one set later the same year with the official Europa set with the logo."

"Portugal issued one Europa stamp that year but also six souvenir-sheets depicting former stamps adding a CEPT logo on them !"

"Albania took part for the first time that year issuing a souvenir-sheet becoming very expensive those days !"

Note : Gibraltar was the only county to use the four CEPT letters instead of the official logo. It is the last year the Europa stamps are issued by the CEPT thus the last year we will see the CEPT logo on Europa stamps.

more here in the Europa stamps History - Part IV

Eurovision Song Contest 1992
Malmö (Sweden)
Winner: Linda Martin "Why Me?" (Ireland)

my personal favorite that year: Michael Ball "One Step Out of Time" (United Kingdom)

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