Friday, August 6



Issue n° 38 - 1993

"Contemporary art"

Number of countries : 45
Debuting countries : Czech Republic, Lithuania, Moldova, Slovakia, Slovenia
Returning countries : Vatican
Withdrawing countries : Norway

"In 1993, the CEPT decided to concentrate on telecommunication issues only and the Europa stamps issues coordination was transmitted to PostEurop the association of European public postal operators. Since then a new logo is in use on Europa stamps."

"That year two unofficial issues appeared. The first one from: Belarus; although the new logo was introduced that year they used the old CEPT on there stamps. The other one from the Croat post of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was the first postal administration of Bosnia to issue Europa stamps but they weren't recognized by the UPU at that time, that's why their issue is also considered as unofficial."

Note : Gibraltar and Belgium (!) didn't use the official logo that year. Albania used a logo depicting a V instead of an U which made the word Evropa. New Europa logo in use from that year.

more here in the Europa stamps History - Part IV

Eurovision Song Contest 1993
Millstreet (Ireland)
Winner: Niamh Kavanagh "In Your Eyes" (Ireland)

my personal favorite that year: Ruth Jacott "Vrede" (the Netherlands)

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