Saturday, January 14

Russia - PeterPost non official Europa stamps 2016


I've recently made aware of stamps produced by the philatelic service company PeterStamps from St. Petersburg Russia.

They produce their own stamps under the name « PeterPost ». Those stamps are quite similar to Russian stamps and depicts russian subjects. The head of the former Tsar, Peter the Great is always depicted on the stamps.

It seems that those stamps can be legaly used on postage sent from Russia.

In August 2016 they issued a set of 4 stamps using the theme « Europe – Think green » !

 But Those stamps doesn’t use the official Europa logo nor the word “Europa”, but they use the word “Europe” and a very similar design to the common design select by PostEurop for their 2016 Europa stamps.

Those stamps aren’t official Europa stamps and it’s not clear if those stamps can really be used on postage...

If you know more, I would be happy to get some information concerning those « stamps » !


Anonymous said...


This is unofficial issued stamp. Peterspost is a private delivery company. So they use their own designed and issued stamps.
Here is a site of company but only in Russian.

Anonymous said...

If Petepost is a private delivery company then the usage of the european stamp design is definitively illegal!

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