Friday, January 4

The Europa Bird Stamps Project 2019


This year some postal administrations will add an Augmented reality (AR) experience to their Europa stamps !

The idea is not new, we already had such AR issues in 2014 when the common theme was "Musical instruments - national musical instruments" : for example Finland or Guernsey.

PostEurop launched "The Europa Bird Stamps Project 2019" proposing to the interested postal administrations to add this AR option to their 2019 Europa stamps issue.
"The idea behind “The Europa Bird Stamps Project 2019” is to connect sound files to the 2019 Europa stamps. This is a truly smart and fun addition to otherwise traditional stamp issues.

Download the free
CEE-App, scan the stamps and listen to the birds sing! This will most certainly add to your stamp viewing experience!

A select number of European countries participate in this optional project, so maybe not every bird depicted on the Europa stamps will start singing when scanned with the CEE-App."
1. Download the CEE-App using Google Play Store for Android devices or App Store for Apple devices.
2. Scan the stamps and listen to the birds sing.

I'll try to keep on this page an updated list of the 2019 Europa issues you can scan in order to listen to the bird sounds :


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