Tuesday, September 30

Best Europa stamp 2014 - Public prize


Serbia wins the Best Europa stamp contest - 2014 organised by PostEurop. Last year winner, Turkey finished second and Greece lands on the third place.
  1. SERBIA  
  2. TURKEY       

this 74.- RSD stamp is part of a two stamp set.

It's the first time Serbia wins this contest.

The Best Europa stamp design competition is a yearly event. The first competition took place in 2002. All official Europa stamp issues can enter the competition.

The result of this competition was announced during this PostEurop's Plenary Assembly in San Marino, on the 24th September.

The stamp has been selected via the internet ! All people could vote through PostEurop's website !
Anita Häggblom, Chair of the PostEurop Stamps and Philately working group from Posten Ǻland said about this years result :

"The public votes received almost equalled to those of last year's competition but what was remarkable to note how close the votes were between each entry."

A jury of 9 members (stamp designers, philatelic design directors) awarded earlier this year, the Best Europa stamp - Jury prize to Belgium !

Here you can find the full list of winning stamps since the first contest in 2002 when Malta won.

Wednesday, September 24

Best Europa stamp 2014 - Jury prize


The 2014 Best Europa stamp - Jury prize was awarded this week-end in Brussels’ town hall.

This was the fourth edition of this neutral and artistic prize.

Eight experts of the philatelic world were invited to join the jury and judge the Europa stamps based on their expert opinion.

This year's winner is Belgium with the following stamp :

2nd – Finland (second stamp)

3rd - San Marino (0.70 € value)

This year's Jury was composed of:

• Jürgen Haepers, Philatelist expert, europa-stamps.blogspot.com, Switzerland
• Stefan Klein, Designer, Germany
• Olaf Neumann, Designer, Germany
• Guy Coutant, Pro Post, Belgium
• Arie Piet, Enschedé Printing, the Netherlands
• Marc Taraskoff, Designer, France
• Botond Szebeny, PostEurop's Secretary General, Hungary
• Andrée Trommer, General secretary of the Fédération internationale de philatélie (FIP), Luxembourg

Saturday, September 6

Europa stamps 2016 - common design competition


Important information regarding the 2016 issue !

PostEurop decided to switch the themes for 2015 & 2016.

the theme for 2015 will be "Old toys" and the "Ecology in Europe - "Think Green" theme will be the one for 2016.

Why this change ? Well, the Stamps and Philately working group of PostEurop decided to celebrate the "60th anniversary of Europa Stamps" (1956-2016) - It's a bit weird as PostEurop didn't celebrate at all the 50th anniversary jubilee in 2006 !!

Anyway, the "Ecology in Europe - "Think Green" theme will be used for that celebration issue and a common design competition will be organized amoung PostEurop's members. 

Each postal administration must send their design to PostEurop before the 15th of December 2014. In January 2015 the best design will be selected by PostEurop members and in February 2015 the design will be announced.

Here you can download the official PostEurop document regarding this common design competition.

I am a bit dissapointed about this decision as I was looking forward to this ecology related theme which could provide very nice designs and innovative techniques related to the theme. 

The common issue proved in the past (millennium issue in 2000) to attract a lot of interest from the public. But I think there was no hurry and another theme or another occasion would have been better for such an issue, for example the 100 years of the end of WW I in 2018... ?

What do you think of it ?

Thursday, August 14

Luxembourg - Sepac 2014

Luxembourg - Sepac

Date of Issue: 29th September 2014

one stamp (0.85 €) out of a set of three stamps

Sepac stamps 2014

Europe - Sepac
Sepac 2014

20.01.2014 Greenland - 1 stamp (13.- DKK) 
26.02.2014 Faroe Is. - 1 stamp (14.50 DKK) 
08.05.2014 Åland - 1 stamp (europa value) 
08.05.2014 Iceland - 1 stamp (50g inland value) out of a set of 2 stamps
28.05.2014 Guernsey - 1 stamp (INT letter 20g value) out of a set of 6 stamps
02.06.2014 Liechtenstein - 1 stamp (1.- CHF) out of a set of 3 stamps 
14.06.2014 Monaco - 1 stamp (0.83 €) 
27.06.2014 Malta - 1 stamp (0.59 €) out of a set of 3 stamps 
30.06.2014 Jersey - 1 stamp (0.69 GBP) out of a set of 8 stamps 
15.07.2014 Gibraltar - 1 stamp (0.54 GBP) out of a set of 7 stamps 
16.07.2014 Isle of Man - 1 stamp (0.75 GBP) 
23.09.2014 Luxembourg - 1 stamp (0.85 €) NEW

no issue of San Marino this year
no issue of Vatican this year

Wednesday, August 13

Best Sepac stamp 2013


The Sepac organized an on line voting in order to select the best Sepac stamp 2013

Here are the results of this voting :

  1. Greenland 2013
  2. Isle of Man 2013
  3. Faroe Islands 2013


It's the first time that Greenland wins that competition. The Faroe Islands won the first two contests, in 2007-09 and 2011.

Tuesday, August 5

Best Europa stamp 2014 competition


On the 9th of May - Europe Day - PostEurop launched this year's best Europa stamp competition !


you can vote until the 31st of August for the most beautiful Europa stamp 2014 !

The winning stamps (top 3) will be announced at the PostEurop Plenary Assembly to be held on 24 Septembre 2014 in San Marino.