Sunday, July 2

Isle of Man 2023

Isle of Man

Date of Issue: 5th July 2023

one stamp (1.04 GBP) out of a set of seven [!] stamps (only this stamp is bearing the official Europa logo)

this stamp is issued in a mini-sheet of 6 stamps

NOTE : this stamp bears the PostEurop's 30th anniversary logo

NOTE-2 : this stamp is part of a larger set celebrating the 50 years of the Isle of Man postal administration. Most of the other stamps from this set features older Europa stamps (stamp on stamps) issued by the Isle of Man also this year's Europa stamp on the 6th stamp !

Stamp 1 – Europa CEPT stamp from 1976

Stamp 2 – Europa CEPT stamp fro 1980 & 1987

Stamp 3 – Europa stamp from 1995 theme "Peace and Freedom" which shares similar sentiment to this year’s theme.

Stamp 4 – Europa stamp from 2004

Stamp 5 – no Europa stamp displayed

Stamp 6 – Europa stamp from 2023

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