Thursday, July 24

Europa stamps 2008 - issue rates


My Italian friend Massimiliano who is also an Europa stamps collector and has his own blog in italian, gave me the following issue rates of 2008 Europa stamps

Macedonia - souvenir-sheet : 10.000 ex

Kosovo - souvenir-sheet : 20.000 ex

Bulgaria - booklet : 12.500 ex

What to think about it ? For me it's a real scandal ! That's taking the stamp collectors for idiots ! 10'000 copies for an Europa stamp issue is of course by far less than the total number of Europa stamps collectors !

I really don't understand why PostEurop isn't able to deal with it ? They are owner of the Europa logo and Macedonia and Bulgaria are even PostEurop members.

Each year it's getting worse. More and more issues of higher facial values and/or of lower issuing numbers !

Of course as long as collectors are ready to pay such high amounts to get those stamps, those postal authorities will keep doing like that ... money makes the World go round...

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sellerverymuch said...

Dear friend, I'm sellerverymuch from Italy. Well done this BLOG page. Please, note that Booklet of Macedonia has NOT STICK Souvenir-sheet, so this will enter also in collection like souvenir-sheet, I think. I think this S/S will be one of the most Rare in Europa logo Tour. We wait what future will say . Bye from your italian friend.

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