Friday, July 25

Albania 2008


Date of Issue: 15th July 2008

two stamps (100.- & 150.- ALL) and one souvenir-sheet (250.- ALL)

! note that the stamp of the souvenir-sheet doesn't bear the official Europa logo !

both stamps are issued in mini-sheets of 10 stamps


Anonymous said...

Hello! Since there's no other way to contact you; you first said that there would be no issues from Albania. Your Italian friend's blog says the same thing, but now you're saying that Albania does have Europa issues; are these official? I noticed that your pictures are from ebay, but have you heard official news from Albania? Regards

euroswiss said...

This issue is official as all the issues displayed on my blog.
This issue has been confirmed by the Albanian postal administration.
About the way of contacting me: I decided not to publish my e-mail on this blog to avoid spams. Leaving a comment is a good way to contact me, the prove is that it worked for you ! :o) Regards.

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