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Liechtenstein - Sepac 2009

Liechtenstein - Sepac

Date of Issue: 16 September 2009

one stamp (1.30 CHF)

this stamp is issued in a mini-sheet of eight stamps

The stamp shows the well-known “Chapel of St. Mamerta, Triesen”, which is preserved as an ancient monument. The Chapel of St. Mamertus, which stands on a plateau above the village of Triesen and is named after St. Mamertus, the patron saint against earthquakes, conflagrations and landslides, dates in its original form from the 9th or early 10th century and is thus Liechtenstein’s oldest chapel. The distinctive tower is however of more recent origin. It is thought to have been erected only in the 15th century. The building fragments within the 90cm thick curtain wall suggest moreover that the original building may also have served as a dwelling. Possible occupants could have been the legendary “Noblemen of Trisun” (13th/14th century), who were in the service of the Counts of Montfort-Feldkirch and from whom the name of the village and the coat-of-arms also derive. The Chapel is also one of the most frequently pictured symbols of the Oberland (alongside Vaduz Castle and Gutenberg Castle). Like the SEPAC 2007 stamp this stamp is based on a photograph by Marco Nescher.

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