Saturday, August 22

Serbia - [Србија]

Serbia - [Србија]

Capital: Belgrade
Languages: Serbian
Population: 7,365,507
Currency: Dinar - RSD
Internet code: .rs
Status: Parliamentary republic

more here:

Pošta Srbije

PostEurop member: yes
UPU member: yes
Sepac member: yes
Norden member: no

Europa stamps: since 2007->

Official site:
info: jumarka@ptt.yu

"Serbia issued their first Europa stamps in 2007, but Yugoslavia issued their first Europa stamps in 1969 already, being the first Communist country to take part."

"In 2003, Yugoslavia's name was replaced by Serbia and Montenego : "Srbije i Crne Gore" for the last two former Yugoslav republics how stayed together. The name was written in both Latin and Cyrillic alphabet."

"Since 2007 Serbia issue Europa stamps under their own name alone."


mcg said...

Dear friend:
Above all my most sincere congratulations for your blog about Europa stamps!!!
I have to tell you that the information about Serbian philatelic service that you have posted is not correct. As you will probably know, the enterprise "JUGOMARKA" closed in 2010 to become "SRBIJAMARKA". However, its intl. philatelic service doesn't work at all. I'm waiting an order since 2010! You can check the newest issues in but it's impossible to buy stamps. I think that you should write some of this on your blog to let people know the real situation.

euroswiss said...

@ Marcos : you are right about those information about Serbia. But this is a blog, not a website. This message has been published in August 2009 ! The only links who are up to date, are the ones in the right column (with the little flags)

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