Saturday, August 29

Switzerland - [Schweiz - Suisse - Svizzera - Svizra]

Switzerland - [Schweiz - Suisse - Svizzera - Svizra]

Capital: Bern
Languages: German, French, Italian, Romansh
Population: 7,725,200
Currency: Swiss franc - CHF
Internet code: .ch
Status: Direct democracy Federal parliamentary republic

more here:

Die Post - La Poste - La Posta

PostEurop member: yes
UPU member: yes
Sepac member: no
Norden member: no

Europa stamps: since 1957, 1959 ->

Official site:

"The first Swiss issue was in 1957, but only since 1959 Switzerland issues Europa stamps each year."

"The CEPT was founded in 1959 in Montreux, Switzerland. On that occasion the Swiss post over printed their Europa issue. This set has now an high value."

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