Wednesday, November 2

Switzerland 1979 - focus


30th April 1979 - "Postal history"
design: Klaus Oberli
engraving: Max Müller
printer: Wertzeichendruckerei PTT - Bern
FDC (picture on Zasa-stamp blog)

The first Swiss stamp was issued in 1850, but before that stamps were issued in Switzerland by Cantons. Zurich was the first canton to issue post stamps in 1843 followed by Geneva. But the most famous Swiss stamp ever is the cantonal stamp issued by Basel in 1845: the "Basel Dove". This stamp was really modern for that time, was multi-colored and the dove was white embossed on a red field. Until today it is considered as "one of the most beautiful stamps ever produced" !

In the city of Basel where this stamp come from, the local post asked the architect Melchior Berri to design a mailboxes inspired by the Basel Dove stamp. One of the two 1979 Europa stamps issued by Switzerland is reproducing one of those famouse mailboxes. Today in Basel they are still six of those mailboxes remaining of 1845 and still in use ! Go to Basel and try to find them !


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Unknown said...

hallo jürg! immer wieder spannend, deine einträge - als zusatz hier der link zu dem fdc
du darfst (und nur du :)) darfst ohne probleme meine scans für den blog verwenden, wenn du was gebrauchen kannst! liebe grüsse

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