Tuesday, September 18

Best Europa stamp 2007


Best Europa Stamp 2007

The Europa stamp best design competition is a yearly event that takes place during the Plenary Assembly of PostEurop. The first competition took place in 2002. All official Europa stamp issues can enter the competition.

The result of this competition was announced during the Plenary Assembly in Vienna the 13th September.

For the first time it was possible to elected the Best Europa stamp via the internet ! Only scouts or former scouts were able to cast their vote.

update: I read on the internet that many Armenians asked via different forums to vote for the Armenian stamp. The Armenian diaspora is very big especially in France. I don't have the detail of the voting but maybe it helped !?

link here

The Armenian postal authority "Haypost" received this congratulations letter from the printer of the stamp, the Dutch compagny Joh. Enschedé


Unknown said...

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Continue the good work.

Eric Contesse said...


My winner was the Europa stamp from Norway (with the girl and boy) but this one from Armenia is not bad too...
I try to pay a visit each day to your always very interesting blog :-))
Regards from France

Anonymous said...

Armenia Stamp is Good Meaningfull. But Scout Signdepict by same Hand wiyh different Skin Tones. It would better if use different Hands.I am also a Scout & SriLankan Stamp Designer since 1982 Sri Lanka Scout Stamp with BP's Illustration along with National Emblem. Sanath Rohana

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