Thursday, January 3

europa stamps blog poll 2007


europa stamps blog poll

After a close race we finally have our first winner of this first ever best europa stamp poll on this blog !!

  1. Norway (9.- NOK stamp)
  2. Slovenia
  3. Finland (girls by a fire stamp)

Thanks to all who took part to the voting and happy new year !!


Toni said...

Hello. I am just getting started collecting Europa stamps, and am wondering if there is a book (or books) I can buy which describe the background to each Europa stamp. For example, if a monument is shown on a Europa stamp from France, is there a book which decribes what that particular monument is and its significance? Or is the MICHEL CEPT Katalog the only book there is? Thanks

Eric Contesse said...


happy to see that the choice of your readers is the same as mine !!
You can see the post about my choice on my blog (under the EUROPA label).
I really think that this stamp from Norway is nicer than the Armenian one choosen on the Posteurop website !!
Regards and Happy new year !

euroswiss said...

@ toni : Yes the Michel Katalog is the only way to have a global overview and information about all the Europa stamps. You can also get the information you are looking for in national catalogs who are in general rich in information about each stamp. But then of course you'll have to check in many different catalogs. So the best way stays the Michel Katalog.

euroswiss said...

@ eric from jura : I am a weekly reader of your blog and I was surprised that my readers chosed the same stamp as you ! :o) Even if it was a close race with the stamp of Slovenia.
The Armenian stamp won on PostEurop's website thanks to the vote of the Armenian diaspora who asked on many of their websites to vote for the Armenian stamp. So the vote was a bit false in the end... :o(

Miha said...

Slovenian stamp:

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