Tuesday, August 26

Europa stamps logo - R problems !


Eric on his blog "Blog timbré de ma philatélie", made a strange discovery concerning the Europa logo !

On some of this year's issues, the "R" of the word Europa seemed unusual ! And he was right !

The Europa logo on the Europa stamps of the Czech republic, Malta and Moldova is different than the official one ! The letter "R" has a left "leg" on those stamps but on the official logo this leg isn't designed !

I looked up in my album if the problem is new or not, and I was surprised to discover that Malta is using a wrong logo since 2002 ! The even won that year the contest of "Best Europa stamp" ! Moldova since 1995 (!) and this year is the first time the Czech republic is using the wrong logo.

I agree with Eric's question on his blog "Why does the PostEurop organization not require a European uniformity about this logo ?", How can it be possible that an official logo is depicted differently on some stamps ?

Again the interest in making profit with those Europa stamps issues induce a lack of quality and serious in some issues unfortunately.

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