Wednesday, July 22

Great Britain 2009

Great Britain

Date of Issue: 8th October 2009

one stamp (1st class value GBP) out of a set of ten (!) stamps issued in a se-tenant block (only this stamp is bearing the official Europa logo)

Sir Martin Ryle - In 1959 the Radio Astronomy Group at the University of Cambridge led by Professor Martin Ryle published the Third Cambridge Catalogue of Radio Sources (3C) which led to the discovery of the first quasi-stellar object (quasar). It was a landmark map of stellar sources and Ryle’s work led to confirmation of the Big Bang Theory. Ryle was knighted in 1966 and awarded the Nobel Prize for his work in 1974.

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Bridgette Sundell said...

Indeed, Sir Martin Ryle deserves to have a commemorative stamp. It would be an honor to me if I could have one of that stamp too. For those who loves collecting stamps like me, visit ~ The Collector's MarketPlace and Club. Specific Link ~ Love Stamp

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