Friday, November 20

3rd europa stamps blog poll - FINAL


3rd europa stamps blog poll

Result of the Grand final !

Liechtenstein is our winner ! With 38% of the votes they are the winner of this 3rd europa stamps blog poll ! It was a close race, Liechtenstein won only by a few votes in front of the 0.68€ stamp of Cyprus

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  1. Liechtenstein
  2. Cyprus (0.68 € stamp)
  3. Ukraine (375 UAH stamp)

This stamp is very particular as it uses a unique hologram printing technique.

Thanks to all who took part to the voting during those last weeks !!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

No, wait! Let's have a Grand, Grand final because me too did not like the winner; so let's vote some more for the stamp that I like. :)

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