Friday, April 23

Bulgaria 2010


Date of Issue: 23rd April 2010

two stamps (0.60 & 1.50 BGN) and one souvenir-sheet (0.60 & 1.50 BGN)

both stamps are issued in a mini-sheet of 8 stamps (4 stamps of each)

both stamps are issued in a booklet of 8 stamps + 4 different vignettes - Note that the stamps of the booklet have a smaller size !

a postal stationery of 0.60 BGN has also been issued


Gone with postcrads said...

You may also find the EUROPA-issue by Post Poland~~ Just on its official website.

Bulgarian stamps said...

The last of the items above is not a postcard. It is a cover (postal stationery).
In fact the Bulgarian issue contains 3 various types of stamps. The stamps of the booklet are with smaller size and the stamps of the block have not white margins.

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