Friday, May 7

Bosnia and Herzegovina 2010

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Date of Issue: 26th April 2010

two stamps (1.- & 1.50 BAM)

Both stamps are issued in a souvenir-sheet

Both stamps are issued in a booklet of 6 stamps (3 stamps of each)

Both stamps are issued a mini-sheet of 10 stamps (5 stamps of each)


enzo_1974 said...

It must be some confusion with Bosnia Sarajevo 2010 Europa.
Date of issue should be April 26th, but they not issued yet. There is a set of 2 stamps printed in mini sheets of 10, one souvenir sheet with 2 stamps and (?!) booklet with 3 sets (similar to Bosnia Serbia booklet). These are my informations about.

euroswiss said...

It is the official information and images I've received from JP BH Posta !

enzo_1974 said...

Now I can confirm what I just posted a few weeks ago: there is a set of 2 stamps and the pair of minisheets has 10 stamps each. The shown "minisheet" of 6 stamps (3 sets) is the souvenir sheet from booklet. The souvenir sheet has 2 stamps as in the pic.

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