Friday, April 8

Azerbaijan 2011


Date of Issue: 8th April 2011

two stamps (0.20 & 0.60 AZN) & one souvenir-sheet (1.- AZN)

NOTE - Azerbaijan is the first non PostEurop member to issue Europa stamps with the new official Europa stamps logo !

both stamps are issued mini-sheets of 10 stamps

both stamps are issued in a booklet of 8 stamps (4 of each). The stamps of the booklet are printed "tête-bêche"


As spotted by my friend Eric on his blog, the name of the country "Azərbaycan" is missing on some 0.60 AZN stamps !

Look the 3rd stamp of the right row of the mini-sheet !

It seems that this variety is affecting a few number of sheets of 10 stamps (how many exactly ?) and did Azermarka that on purpose ??

1 comment:

arserpent said...

Very nice observation; this will probably be considered an error by some. I have a few sheets but they are all correct. Cheers!

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