Sunday, March 4

Isle of Man 2012

Isle of Man

Date of Issue: 2nd April 2012
one stamp (0.68 GBP) out of a set of 6 stamps (only this stamp bear the official Europa logo)

This stamp is issued in a mini-sheet of 10 stamps

NOTE - this stamp is also issued in sheets of 20 stamps !

NOTE - There is a slight difference between the stamps issued in mini-sheets and in sheets - the year "2012" is centered on one stamp and more on the right on the other stamp !

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mcg said...

Dear Sir:

My suspicions have become reality with the issue from ISLE OF MAN: the stamp from sheetlet and the one from sheet are slightly DIFFERENT. The year at the footprint is in different position between the two stamps. You can check it in one of my items at Delcampe (,0173270500,language,E.html).

Of course I'm interested in selling, but more in the knowledge of the collectors... please give a comment in your blog if you think that it can be interesting.

Congratulations for your superb blog and best regards,


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