Wednesday, April 4

Romania 2012


Date of Issue: 6th April 2012

two stamps (1.40 & 8.10 RON)

both stamps are issued in 2 types of souvenir-sheets of 4 stamps (2 stamps of each). The position of both stamps is different in each souvenir-sheet

both stamps are issued in mini-sheets of 6 stamps


Unknown said...

the stamps are made by me

I hope you will get some good pictures because in this the colors are too saturated

and also I hope you like the stamps ;)

euroswiss said...

@ Mircea : I am part of the Jury awarding the Jury prize, so you'll have sombody defending your stamp ;o)
Concerning the quality of the images. I received the images of the stamps directly from Romfilatelia. The images of the sheets are scans from two other sources. That's why the quality is so so... :o/

Unknown said...

I'm sooo glad that you like it. Many others who like stamps only with photos think that those and Finland's are ugly but that is OK :D

Thank you and waiting for a good picture from Romfilatelia ;)

euroswiss said...

I like graphic stamps ! That's also one of the reasons why Cyprus won the Jury Prize last year ! ;o)

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