Wednesday, May 2

Cyprus (Turkish post) 2012

Cyprus (Turkish post)

Date of Issue: 8th May 2012

two stamps (2x 0.80 YTL)

NOTE - those stamps don't bear the official Europa stamps logo - the Turkish post of Cyprus isn't a PostEurop member !

NOTE : the stamps issued by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus aren't recognized on an international level, not by the UPU nor by PostEurop.


Tolga said...

I am from Turkey, I live in the Netherlands

I can offer Turkish, Turkish Cyprus and Netherlands Europe cept

I need

all other countries esspeccially after 2000 but older ones are also ok

I also like Nordic(Norden), SEPAC, NATO, KSZE, EFTA, UPAEP, ASEAN, Scouting stamps, all MUSTAFA KEMAL ATATURK STAMPS (except from Turkey). If you send me this kind of stamps please send me 2x if you send me 2007 europe cept please send me 3x.

I collect world wide all kind (except CTO) stamps, blocks, sheets, FDC s, etc. I also collect coins, banknotes and phonecards

kind regards

Tolga Caglayankaya

my address:

Tolga Caglayankaya

Robert Stolzhof 61,

NL-1628 XA Hoorn,

The Netherlands

my email:

Shell said...


A great point you have raised there and a nice blog too!

No, not officially recognised by anywhere other than Turkey but the stamps can still be used officially as all post from the north of Cyprus (Turkish Cypriot stamps) is dispatched via mainland Turkey (Mersin) and then onwards from there.

Post sent from the occupied Turkish areas cannot be dispatched directly into the South of Cyprus - again, all post has to go via Mersin in Turkey and unfortnately is not guaranteed to reach the recipient.

Neither can post from the south of Cyprus (Republic of Cyprus) be mailed directly to the north of Cyprus - it still has to go via Turkey and often gets mislaid too, as we have found from personal experience...

Only mail posted from the Republic of Cyprus can be posted in a direct manner by airmail....

It's very confusing for those who are not aware of the division of our island of Cypru.

We're hoping to get our hands on the latest north Cyprus stamps issues very soon and put them on Cyprus Stamps website.

Keep up this great blog!


Kate said...

Great post!

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