Thursday, June 14

Best Europa stamp 2012 - Jury prize


The 2012 Best Europa stamp - Jury prize was awarded yesterday in Paris ! This was the second edition of this neutral and artistic prize.

Seven philately experts were invited to join the jury and judge the Europa stamps based on their expert opinion. 55 entries were displayed before the jury and after much deliberation, the jurors casted their closed ballots followed by a round of voting and discussion. Having reached a consensus, Mr. David E. Failor, Chief of the United Nations Postal Administration, proudly announced Russian Post as the winner of the 2012 Europa stamp Jury Prize.

The Jury this year composed of:

  • David E. Failor, the United Nations Postal Administration, United States (Jury President)
  • Vita Franckova, Philatelist expert, Czech Republic
  • Jürgen Haepers, Philatelist expert,, Switzerland
  • Stefan Klein, Designer, Germany
  • Olaf Neumann, Designer, Germany
  • Martin Mörck, Designer, Intaglio Printing, Sweden
  • Botond Szebeny, PostEurop's Secretary General, Hungary 

The 7 Jury members and representatives from the Russian Federation

This year winning stamp is the Europa stamp of Russia and designed by A. Drobyshev

"Ultimately the jury selected the entry from the Russian Federation because of its inviting theme, high quality production and superior iconic image. The stamp did a wonderful job of celebrating the "Visit..." theme."

The prizes for both the Jury and public voting competitions will be handed out during the Belgian Philatelic Grand Prix to be held in the Brussels City Hall on the 22nd September 2012.

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