Tuesday, April 30

Romania 2013


Date of Issue: 30th April 2013

two stamps (2.10 & 14.50 RON)

both stamps are issued in 2 types of souvenir-sheets of 4 stamps (2 stamps of each). The position of both stamps is different in each souvenir-sheet

both stamps are issued in mini-sheets of 6 stamps

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cristixav said...

Now I have commented on other countries’ stamps on this blog;it is only fitting that I should comment on my own country’s. The 2 Lei one is quite OK, it is a tribute to a long and noble aviation tradition (we gave a lot of aviation pioneers: Vlaicu, Vuia, Coandă, Bibescu and we also had one of the first postal flights). The 14 Lei stamp’s composition is hilarious: a velocipede was used around 1900 and earlier, the car as shown is from around 1935. If they wanted to show a relay between generations of vehicles (see the postal wagon in the background) then they should have made the postal wagon part of the action. Furthermore, the postal wagon seems to be drifting away into the night, while for the others it is daytime...no, we don’t have as many timezones :)

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