Monday, May 6

Cyprus (Turkish post) 2013

Cyprus (Turkish post)

Date of Issue: 6th May 2013

two stamps (2x 0.80 YTL)

Those stamps are issued in mini-sheets of 15 stamps + 1 vignette and in sheets of 40 stamps

NOTE : The stamps from the mini-sheets and from the large 40 stamps sheets are different ! The mini-sheet has the picture of the vignette in grey as background. The 15 stamps from the mini-sheets are different from each other and the stamps from the 40 stamps sheets are the same with a all-white background !

NOTE : the stamps issued by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus aren't recognized on an international level, not by the UPU nor by PostEurop.

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Tolga said...

I am from Turkey, I live in the Netherlands

I can offer Turkish, Turkish Cyprus and Netherlands Europe cept

I need

all other countries esspeccially after 2000 but older ones are also ok. I have many exchange friends so only serious collectors with very good offers can get a reply!

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kind regards

Tolga Caglayankaya

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Tolga Caglayankaya

Robert Stolzhof 61,

NL-1628 XA Hoorn,

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