Tuesday, March 17

Europa stamps 2016 - common design competition


PostEurop's Stamps and Philately working group decided to celebrate the :

 "60th anniversary of Europa Stamps" (1956-2016) 

(It's a bit weird as PostEurop didn't celebrate at all the 50th anniversary jubilee in 2006 !!)

Anyway, the "Ecology in Europe - "Think Green" theme will be used for that celebration issue and a common design competition has been organized among PostEurop's members. 

A total of 24 designs were submitted. Based on the number of votes received, the design from Cyprus emerged as the winner with 29 points. 

The stamp motif is the work of Ms. Doxia Sergidou.

The second place went to Slovenia (26 points) 

and in third place to Hungary (20 points).

Here you can download the official PostEurop document regarding this common design competition.

I am a bit disappointed about this decision as I was looking forward to this ecology related theme which could provide very nice designs and innovative techniques related to the theme. 

The common issue proved in the past (millennium issue in 2000) to attract a lot of interest from the public. But I think there was no hurry and another theme or another occasion would have been better for such an issue, for example the 100 years of the end of WW I in 2018... ?

What do you think of it ?


Carlos said...

I do not like the common designs. I like the diversity under a common theme. This way, with almost a year of anticipation, we will know the unique design of the Europe 2016? No surprise? I definitely do not like this idea.

Unknown said...

I would love a 100 years from WW1 to be a theme of EUROPA stamps... Also I do not like the one design stamp :(

mcg said...

It's not only a bland design; it kills the creativity and the fact of knowing it so soon makes lose the expectation among collectors, who are (don't forget) the reason of existance of commemorative stamps nowadays... I'm not against the common designs if they are good, but this time I'm very sad...

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